Firlands Ranch, East Firlands (train station, 1914-1933), Firland Close (Radium Hot Springs)

The name “Firlands” first appears in print in early June 1899.51 The reason for choosing the name is unknown.

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Fairmont Hot Springs (Community and Hot Springs), Fairmont Mountain, Fairmont Ridge, Fairmont Creek

Other Names: Radium Springs, Radium Hot Springs, Brewer Springs

“From the springs a particularly fine view can be enjoyed, and to many it will prove a very novel experience to sit comfortably immersed up to one’s neck… enjoying with luxurious ease an open air hot bath, while at one’s feet is spread out one of the most glorious views imaginable, ranging far over lake, river, forest, and glacier-clothed peaks.”35

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Radium Hot Springs (1)

Radium Hot Springs (Village, attraction)

Other Names: Sinclair Hot Springs, Kootenay Mineral Springs, Radium Junction

Early settlers travelling through the area… make no reference at all to the springs… As the waters of Radium Hot Springs are odourless, it is reasonable to assume that groups could pass the springs without being aware of their presence.

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Sinclair Pass, Sinclair Canyon, Sinclair Creek, Sinclair (historic, steamboat landing)

Other Names: St Clair (uncommon)

“Sinclair Canyon was then just a pin point of light in the sky… it may surprise you to know that Sinclair Canyon is practically man made.”47

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