Books: Letters from Windermere

Preamble: I’m taking a a break on regular posts from January through March, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting things to read!

In lieu of regular content, I’m highlighting some of my favorite primary source materials from the last three years. Read a little, read a lot, skip through and look at the photos, it’s up to you! These are all online, so you don’t even have to venture outside.

Regular posts will resume in April.

You may recognize the title page of this book as being copied from one of the booster pamphlets I shared last post.

R. Cole Harris and Elizabeth Phillips, eds., Letters from Windermere, 1912-1914 (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1984),

If you’re interested in Windermere Valley history and haven’t perused Letters from Windermere, well, you’re missing out.

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