Forster (1)

Forster Creek, Mount Forster, Forster Pass

Forster certainly projected the air of a successful rancher.

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Sinclair Pass, Sinclair Canyon, Sinclair Creek, Sinclair (historic, steamboat landing)

Other Names: St Clair (uncommon)

“Sinclair Canyon was then just a pin point of light in the sky… it may surprise you to know that Sinclair Canyon is practically man made.”47

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Delphine Creek, Delphine Glacier, Mount Delphine, Delphine Hotel, Delphine Avenue

“Mr. Starke called the property [Delphine Mine] after me. I was in the habit of going to the property with him before the trails were even cut. I was about the first white woman to go to the Selkirks and my trips often occasioned surprise.”6 (Delphine Starke, 1918)

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Jumbo Pass, Jumbo Creek (qatmuk nik’amak?is), Jumbo Glacier, Jumbo Mountain

The original Jumbo claim never came to much, although those interested in the claim were definitely onto something. The claim is located just to the north of the Crown Granted claims for the Mineral King Mine, which became a large scale operation in the 1950s.

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Bugaboo Creek, flowing into the Columbia River
Bugaboos, mountain range
Bugaboo Spire, mountain
Bugaboo Provincial Park

Bugaboos / n / a nemesis; a real or imagined obstacle that cannot be overcome; something that always causes failure or bad luck.

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Pedley Pass, Mount Pedley, Pedley Creek, Peddley [sic] Road, Pedley Heights Drive

The origins of the name “Pedley” aren’t recorded, however circumstances suggest that the name came from a man on the run from the law. When a warrant was issued for the arrest of Alfred Pedley he left his family, fled for the hills, and stayed hidden out in the mountains for nearly a year before turning himself in.

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