Wolfenden Road (Brisco)

The Wolfenden brothers cleared land and put up some log buildings, earning money with a trapline.

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Coy Road, Coy’s Golf Course (Dutch Creek)

Dr Coy … earned “a consistent record as an ardent community worker throughout the years.”53

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De Crespigny

Decrespigny Road (north of Wilmer)

“It is a little difficult in modern times to differentiate between a taste for authentic adventure and a sort of congenital craziness. The de Crespignys have always eluded the decision.”5

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Tunnacliffe Flats (unofficial name, Invermere)

“I have always loved it here. I have no wish to go away.”43

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Peters Hill

Peters Hill (Informal name, northwest of Toby Creek Bridge in Athalmer)

“Morning wasn’t morning until the Peters’ had made their daily milk delivery.”31

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Holland Creek (north of Windermere), Holland Creek Ridge Road

“Tall, sporting a moustache, accustomed to wielding power and ordering people around, he had a difficult personality and we children were moderately but suitably terrified of him.”43

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Whites Dam (Informal name, Westside Road, Windermere Lake)

At some point Whites Dam collapsed under pressure, causing a flood all the way down to Windermere Lake.

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Salter Creek (west side Windermere Lake)

The presence of William Salter on the west side of Windermere Lake makes him one of the first and few to settle in that area.

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Nixon Creek, Nixon Lake

Nixon was “full of stories, both true and false, as an ideal guide ought to be.29

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