Body Creek

Body Creek (between Edgewater and Brisco, close to a steep hill at one time known commonly as Deadman’s Hill), Body Creek Forest Service Road (Brisco)

Other Names: Deadmans Creek, Murder Creek

“We used to call that creek “Deadman’s” and “Murder”, but people seem to be getting squeamish about such things and place names.”54

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Athalmer (Kwataqnuk)

Athalmer (Community), Athalmer Road

Other Names: Athalmere, Athelmar, Athelmer, Kwataq̓nuk, Salmon Beds

‘I like Athalmer. It has the air of a city, it carries itself well, with an assurance that sits well on it. … The town is planned on a generous scale, with wide streets and plenty of breathing space. … Who knows but some day the Canadian navy will ride at anchor in Lake Windermere.’
(The Columbia Valley Times, 7 December 1912)

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Windermere (Kananuk)

Windermere (Community), Windermere Lake, Windermere/North Windermere Creek, Windermere District, Windermere Mining Division [historical]

Other Names: Kananuk (Windermere), yaqunaki (Windermere), ?akisqnuk (Windermere Lake), Kootenae Lake (David Thompson), Lower Columbia Lake

” The story of Windermere is either very short and idealized, or a bit longer and far more complicated. I’ll share both, and you can decide whether you want to stick with the (extremely brief) somewhat romantic story, or if you want to carry on into some less cheerful corners of valley history. Your choice.”

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