Andreen Creek, Haultain Creek (both flowing into Horsethief Creek); Ogelston Creek (flows towards Frances Creek)

A bit of a different post this week: three different creeks named after people that we either don’t know enough about, or aren’t locally interesting enough to warrant a post of their own.

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Neave Creek (flowing from Lake Lillian into Toby Creek), Neave Road (Invermere)

Neave’s proposed town on the shores of what would become Lake Lillian was never more than an idea. Nonetheless he maintained ownership of that land, and had it surveyed a couple of years later to start a ranch.6 Neave Creek likely ran through the property.

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Delphine Creek, Delphine Glacier, Mount Delphine, Delphine Hotel, Delphine Avenue

“Mr. Starke called the property [Delphine Mine] after me. I was in the habit of going to the property with him before the trails were even cut. I was about the first white woman to go to the Selkirks and my trips often occasioned surprise.”6 (Delphine Starke, 1918)

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