Barbour Creek (flowing into Toby Creek), Barbour Lake

Jack immediately set himself up with a “first-class pack train,”11 equipped with twenty-two horses to haul equipment in and out of the mines up Toby Creek.12

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond Mountain (head of Delphine and Farnham Creeks)

It could be that the naming of the mountain and the mine was a serendipitous case of separate parties deciding on the same name for separate features in a similar area.

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Paradise (1)

Paradise Mine/Paradise Ridge/Paradise Basin

“In its early days Hammond used to say it [the mine] should have been called the ‘Parasite’.” 46

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Mineral King (2)

Mineral King Mine (former community, unofficial local name)

Although provincially classified as a small mine, the Mineral King Mine was the largest underground mining enterprise in the Windermere Valley.

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Mineral King (1)

Mineral King Mine (former community, unofficial local name)

Those who examined the Mineral King property in these early years agreed that that it was, “very encouraging”24, but as the scattered investment in the property suggests, there were a number of factors impeding development.

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Sultana Creek, Sultana Peak

Previous Names: Michelsen/Michelson Creek

Sultana Creek gets its name from Sultana Peak, which was itself named after a short-lived group of mining claims, known as the Sultana Group, located in the early 1900s.

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Toby Creek, Toby Glacier, Mount Toby

Other Names: Qatmuk53, Nelson’s Rivulet54

Shortly after his election to public office in 1863, Dr Isaac Tobey joined a group of prospectors hoping to confirm rumours of gold in the upper Kootenay and headwaters of the Columbia River. Dr Tobey, at least, was among a group that panned what became known as Toby’s Creek.

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Delphine Creek, Delphine Glacier, Mount Delphine, Delphine Hotel, Delphine Avenue

“Mr. Starke called the property [Delphine Mine] after me. I was in the habit of going to the property with him before the trails were even cut. I was about the first white woman to go to the Selkirks and my trips often occasioned surprise.”6 (Delphine Starke, 1918)

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Jumbo Pass, Jumbo Creek (qatmuk nik’amak?is), Jumbo Glacier, Jumbo Mountain

The original Jumbo claim never came to much, although those interested in the claim were definitely onto something. The claim is located just to the north of the Crown Granted claims for the Mineral King Mine, which became a large scale operation in the 1950s.

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