Barbour Creek (flowing into Toby Creek), Barbour Lake

Jack immediately set himself up with a “first-class pack train,”11 equipped with twenty-two horses to haul equipment in and out of the mines up Toby Creek.12

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Forster (1)

Forster Creek, Mount Forster, Forster Pass

Forster certainly projected the air of a successful rancher.

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Frances Creek (flowing into Forster Creek)

Previous names: No 3 Creek

Frances Ewart Forster was just one year old when her father, Harold Ernest Forster, … requested that the Chief Geographer of the province name the creek after his daughter.

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Andreen Creek, Haultain Creek (both flowing into Horsethief Creek); Ogelston Creek (flows towards Frances Creek)

A bit of a different post this week: three different creeks named after people that we either don’t know enough about, or aren’t locally interesting enough to warrant a post of their own.

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McLean Lake/Creek

“We sat down and sliding – not always smoothly or comfortably – from one foothold to another and making sharp angles around rugged corners of the bluff we got to the mouth of a tunnel. Dave… with a smile asked; “How would you like to pack these timbers on your back down there?” pointing at some timbering. No one replied as we were very anxious then to get further into the tunnel to take a long breath.”11

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